Council urged to

  re-concider parking   



  Large number of

  complaints about       

  parking fines    

The idea of the Borough Group began with a conversation about car parking, then another and another and another you get the idea… Whether you opinion is that this is a war on cars fuelled by current political rhetoric, the 15 minute city agenda or simply a Council Money making machine.

It’s the residents that keep paying..!!!

And paying more is the new plan as a local taxpayer funded investment of £64,000 of your money, is expected to net £441,000 of “income.” the Councils own words from more fines and permits in just the first year.

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it's sometimes said, the people closest

to the problem have the best

ides on how to fix them

welcome to the Borough Group

our say, on shaping the future of Halifax

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Towns across the Country face many issues today, but rarely do the voices of the people who live/work in these towns reach the ears of those who run them.

Borough Group started not as revolutionary outbursts in the pub, but a few people voicing an opinion over tea and coffee. We all want to see Halifax thrive, in the face of many other towns sliding into oblivion. Just maybe, the people of Halifax may have some ideas to stop that. Ideas we would be happy to share with the Council and local MP’s.

So if you think you would like to add your voice to ours, join us on our Facebook group.

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